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PLO Official Again Says Israel is Poisoning Arab Food

Woensdag, November 5, 1997 / Last Modified: Zondag, Januari 14, 2018

November 5, 1997

A senior official of the PLO’s Palestinian Authority has
again publicly accused Israel of poisoning Arab food as part of “Israel’s
war against Palestinian society.”

Abd al-Fatah Hamid, director of the Control and Inspection
Department of the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Supplies, told the Palestinian
Arab newspaper Al Ayam (Oct.29, 1997) that Israel is distributing “spoiled goods
and food supplies” among the Palestinian Arabs. “This is one of Israel’s means
in its war against Palestinian society,” Hamid asserted.

Similarly, Abdel Hamid al-Qudsi, Deputy Minister of the Palestinian
Authority’s Ministry of Supplies, claimed in June that “Israel is
distributing food containing material that causes cancer and hormones that harm male
virility and other spoiled food products in the Palestinian Authority’s
territories in order to poison and harm the Palestinian population.”
(Yediot Ahronot, June 25, 1997)

Morton A. Klein, National President, of the Zionist Organization of
America, said: “Yasir Arafat and the PLO are continuing their campaign to
demonize and delegitimize Israel. Arafat seems to have learned well from
other dictators, who understood that the bigger the lie, and the more frequently
it is repeated, the more people will believe it. The Clinton administration
must insist that the PLO retract and discontinue this kind of anti-Israel

Other anti-Israel fabrications circulated by PLO officials:

  • PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat has made the outrageous accusation
    the Arab bombers who murdered 5 Jews and injured 192 on Ben-Yehuda Street
    in Jerusalem in September 1997 “were assisted by Israeli extremist elements”
    (Yediot Ahronot, Sept. 7, 1997)

  • A program broadcast on PLO Television in June 1997 featured
    Palestinian Arab historian Jarid al-Kidwa, who claimed that “all the events
    surrounding Kings Saul, David and Rehoboam occurred in Yemen, and no Hebrew
    remnants were found in Israel, for a very simple reason–because they were
    never here.” Al-Kidwa said: “Most of the Khazars [a Turkish tribe that
    converted to Judaism in medieval times] are the Ashkenazic Jews who arrived
    in Palestine. As Allah is my witness, in my blood flows more of the Children
    of Israel and the ancient Hebrews than in the blood of Ariel Sharon and
    Benjamin Netanyahu.” According to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz (July 6, 1997),
    al-Kidwa also said: “The stories of the Torah and the Bible did not take place in
    the Land of Israel–they occurred in the Arabian peninsula, primarily in Yemen.
    The identity of our father Ibrahim [Abraham] who is mentioned in the Koran
    is clear. From the Koran’s description of him it arises that he lived in the
    southern Hejaz [Saudi Arabia], near Mecca.”

  • Abdel Hamid al-Qudsi, Deputy Minister of the PLO’s Palestinian
    Authority Ministry of Supplies, declared: “Israel is distributing food
    containing material that causes cancer and hormones that harm male virility
    and other spoiled food products in the Palestinian Authority’s territories in
    order to poison and harm the Palestinian population. We absolutely feel that it
    is an organized plan and conspiracy which is under the auspices of the Israel
    Defense Forces this is a planned and initiated war against the Palestinian
    people.” (Yediot Ahronot, June 25, 1997)

  • A Palestinian Arab prisoner who claimed to be a Shin Bet agent was
    presented at a press conference organized by the PLO police in Gaza on May
    4, 1997. The prisoner, Ibrahim Halabi, claimed that the Shin Bet recruited
    him to carry out two recent attacks on Israeli school buses in Gaza, and gave him
    the explosives. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman said the
    allegation was “a fabrication,” (N.Y. Times, May 5, 1997)

  • “Allow me to remind you here of what the Israeli government is
    intent upon doing–and that is digging a tunnel under the western wall of
    Al Aqsa mosque.” (Yasir Arafat, speech to the Organization of the Islamic
    Conference, in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 23, 1997)

  • “The Israeli authorities infected by injection 300 Palestinian
    children with the HIV virus during the years of the intifada.” (Nabil
    Ramlawi, the PLO representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Jerusalem Post,
    March 17, 1997)

  • “Jerusalem is not a Jewish city, despite the biblical myth
    implanted in some minds…There is no tangible evidence of Jewish existence from the
    so-called ‘Temple Mount Era’…The location of the Temple Mount is in
    question…it might be in Jericho or somewhere else.” (Walid M. Awad,
    Director of Foreign Publications for the PLO’s Palestine Ministry of Information,
    interviewed by the IMRA news agency, Dec.25, 1996.)

  • “Abraham was neither Jewish nor a Hebrew, but was simply an
    Iraqi. The Jews have no right to claim part of the Tomb of the
    Patriarchs in Hebron, Abraham’s resting place, as a synagogue. Rather, the
    whole building should be a mosque.” (Yasir Arafat, quoted in the Jerusalem
    Report, Dec. 26, 1996)

  • “The Palestinian Authority is now claiming that Rachel’s Tomb in
    Bethlehem is the traditional tomb of the Cushite servant of Mohammed.”
    (Ha’aretz, Oct.9, 1996)

  • “That is not the Western Wall at all, but a Moslem shrine.”
    (Yasir Arafat, quoted in Ma’ariv, Oct. 11, 1996)

  • Regarding weapons in the hands of Arab terrorists, Arafat said,
    “These weapons could be obtained only from high authorities with great
    influence on the Israeli side.” (Jerusalem Post, March 22, 1996)

  • “An unholy conspiracy of Israeli ‘fanatics’, who are members of
    a shadowy group of ex-IDF people called ‘OAS’, and Moslem extremists were
    behind [the Feb.1996] suicide bombings, Palestinian Authority President Yasser
    Arafat told foreign diplomats…Arafat is known to have said last year, before
    [Ehud] Barak became [Israel’s] foreign minister, that ‘Barak is one of the big
    bosses of the OAS’…” (Jerusalem Post, Feb.27, 1996)

  • “The people of Israel realize perfectly well that they have no
    temples or ruins near Al Aqsa Mosque. According to the Koran, the people
    of Israel lived somewhere to the west of Bethlehem…they were living in
    Bethlehem and not in Jerusalem.” (Sheikh Ismail Jamal, the PLO’s Director of the
    Islamic Wakf in Jericho, quoted in the Chicago Jewish Sentinel, May 18, 1995)

  • Referring to the Arab terrorist attack in Beit Lid, in which 22
    Israelis were killed, and other attacks in 1995, Arafat said, “I have
    evidences that these terrorist activities have been done through coordination between
    these fanatic Islamic groups and some elements on the Israeli side.”
    (Washington Post, May 2, 1995)

  • Arafat once “convened a conference of the international press to
    claim that an imprint of an ancient Judean coin on the Israeli 10-agorot
    coin was Israel’s imperialistic expansion map. This coin, he said, shows that
    Israel plans to conquer Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and parts of Egypt and Saudi
    Arabia.” (Jerusalem Post, Feb. 22, 1995)

  • “PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, in interviews published yesterday,
    accused IDF troops of aiding the spread of arms in the territories in a
    plot to create chaos in Palestinian self-rule areas…’This weapons trade is being
    carried out under the auspices of some Israeli officers in the West Bank
    and Gaza. This is part of a wicked plan’…” (Jerusalem Post, Feb. 18 & Feb.
    19, 1994)

  • “Israel has been using chemical weapons against Palestinians in
    the territories for 27 months with the support of the U.S. It’s not tear gas,
    it’s chemical weapons.” (Yasir Arafat, Jerusalem Post, April 1, 1990)

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