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Financing terror by the Palestinian Authority

Donderdag, April 11, 2002 / Last Modified: Dinsdag, Januari 3, 2012

Israeli Defense forces, April 11, 2002.


Introduction: Documents captured by the IDF during Operation Defensive Wall
provide evidence of the role of Arafat and Palestinian Authority (PA)
apparatuses in the systematic, institutionalized and ongoing financing of
the Fatah, Tanzim and Al Aqsa Brigades terrorist infrastructures and activists.

The picture which emerges from the captured documents is that large sums of
money are transferred on a monthly basis in order to finance terrorist
infrastructures, whereas the civilian infrastructures of the PA (which
depend on financial grants of the Arab World and European Union) are
collapsing, and the Palestinian people is suffering from poverty and distress.

Note: Concern for terror and not for the welfare of the Palestinian population

The captured documents do not uncover the complete scope of the financing of
the terror infrastructures and activists, since they refer only to specific
areas (Tulkarm, Qalqilya) or certain bodies (the Al Aqsa Brigades).

However they constitute a clear indication that each month, Arafat distributes,
through the PA “Finance Ministry” and via Fuad Shubaki, large sums of money
for the funding of the terror infrastructures.

All this while the PA depends
on foreign sources (the European Union, Arab States) for its budget, its
apparatuses suffer from a severe financial predicament, and the whole
Palestinian people suffer from poverty and shortages.

I. The financial system – how does it work?

A. Arafat’s personal involvement: Arafat personally, and with his signature,
controls the allocation of funds, including even small sums of money (to
junior field echelons). Thus, Arafat does not only serve as the head of a
political entity which engages in “state” affairs regarding the PA as a
whole, but in practice he is also the leader of a terrorist gang which deals
with minor details such as the allocation of a few hundred dollars to a
single terrorist.

B. Arafat is assisted by the PA apparatuses in the transfer of the money
After he approves the sums of money, Arafat is assisted by the PA’s “Finance
Ministry”. In other words, the PA’s “civilian” apparatuses are involved in
the transfer of funds to terrorist activists, from the senior level down to
the junior level. In addition, Arafat is helped by his confidante, Fuad
Shubaki (who was also involved in the purchase of the Karine-A arms ship).

C. There is a type of index for funds’ allocation: A junior terrorist
receives between $300-350; more senior commanders (regional terror
infrastructure commanders) receive $600; families of commanders who have
been killed receive $800 per family (a one-off payment, in addition to
regular assistance); and greater funds ($80,000) are allocated for larger
“projects” such as the construction of a workshop for heavy arms production.

D. The “intermediaries”, Fatah/Tanzim senior activists, serve as mediators:
Arafat does not hold direct contacts with the heads of the terror cells and
the terrorist apparatuses. Instead he uses “intermediaries”.

The captured
documents mention Marwan Barghouti (the head of Fatah/Tanzim in the West
Bank), Hussein Al Sheikh (a Fatah senior activist in the West Bank), Kamal
Hamid (secretary of the Fatah branch in the Bethlehem district) and Fuad
Shubaki (head of the financial directorate of the General Security Apparatus
and Arafat’s confidante).

E. Arafat allocates funds to all the names recommended by the
“intermediaries”: The names transferred to Arafat include prominent
terrorist commanders alongside junior activists, terrorist activists
alongside political activists, well behaved activists alongside law breakers
who abuse the civilian population.

Every name automatically “passes” through
Arafat and until now, we have not encountered one reservation on his part.
The only consideration which Arafat always makes is with regard to the scope
of the payment – Arafat usually drastically “cuts” the requested sums.

F. Two heads of regional terror networks received financial allocations from
Arafat: Amongst the dozens of names for which Arafat endorsed the transfer
to money, two figures stand out – heads of regional terror networks – Atef
Abiat, who prior to his death led the main Fatah terror networks in the
Bethlehem district (see Appendix C); Ra’ed Karmi, who until his death led
the Fatah/Tanzim terrorist infrastructure in the Tulkarm district.

G. In addition to the allocation of money by Arafat, the terrorist
infrastructure activists receive regular payments for their activities from
Fatah/Tanzim local and regional commanders.

For example, according to one of
the captured documents, Fatah/Tanzim terrorist infrastructure activists in
the Tulkarm district receive regular funding for their activities from the
Tanzim commander in the district; for example, Marwan Barghouti distributes,
according to the same document, sums of money to terror activists in
Tulkarm, in order to strengthen his control and “encourage” them to escalate
the attacks.

This financial system is the fuel which energizes the terror infrastructure
engines of the Fatah/Tanzim and Al Aqsa Brigades, without which they would
find difficulty in operating effectively and continuously.

The “financial
weapon” is an important means in the hands of Arafat himself as well as in
the hands of the heads of the various terror apparatuses, to enforce their
control over the men in the “field” (some of the sums of money which are
transferred to the “field” for the perpetration of terrorist attacks “seep”
into their pockets).

Afterword: It is emphasized that the PA depends on significant economic aid
for its continuing existence, and mainly for the payment of monthly
salaries. The aid is provided by Arab and EU states through a “special
fund”. The EU transfers to the PA a sum of approx. 10 million euros each

The captured documents prove that the PA is making cynical and bad
use of this financial aid, and instead of channeling it to the needs of its
citizens and for the maintenance of the administration and public order, the
PA uses some of the money in order to finance terrorist activities (in order
to cover this up, it transmits false reports to the supervising funds
regarding an exaggerated quantity of employees; or maneuvers the currency
rate and “overcharges” approx. 20% of the exchange value).

Appendix A : Translation of Captured Document


Time 1041

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement


Bethlehem District Branch

The Honorable Brother President Arafat, May God protect you

With the blessings of the homeland

We request that you allocate financial aid of a sum of $2000 to each one of
the following names since these brothers are not members of the movement in
the district and they require help:

1. Uni Al-Mishni 13. Fa’ez Jabara

2. Samir Ateh 14. Majdi Al Matri (?)

3. Khula Al-Azraq 15. Musa Hassan (?) Al Sa’ar

4. Nasri Muhammad Al-Zir 16. Alaa Nabil Muhammad.

5. Marwan Usi 17. Aref Darwish

6. Khadr Khadr 18. Nasr Al Aroub

7. Adel Abdallah 19. Samikh Khalil Abu Al-Khour (?)

8. Muhammad Ali Rasha’ida 20. Khaled Al Aroub

9. Nafez Al Rifa’I 21. Mousa Rahel

10. Daud Ibrahim Nasur 22. Muhammad Khalil Al-Lacham

11. Ra’ed (?) Khalil 23. Ibrahim Muhammad Farhan

12. Di’ab Muhammad Hassan 24. Atef Abiat

The matter is (for the treatment) of your honor

Together all of us until Jerusalem

In handwriting: Fatah file.

Kamal Hamid (Fatah secretary in Bethlehem)


Notes in Arafat’s handwriting and signature

1. The number 2000 written in the middle of the text by Kamal Hamid is erased
and above it is written in Arafat’s handwriting “$300 to each one”.

2. Arafat added to the text in his handwriting and with his signature the
following instruction:

The brothers

Finance Ministry/Ramallah

To allocate ($300 to each)

(Arafat’s signature)


(Note: Arafat’s approval given about one month after the request)

Note: Amongst the names to which Arafat approved the allocation of money,
the name of Atef Abiat stands out. He used to be head of the main Fatah
terror network in Bethlehem. His terrorist background is detailed in
Appendix C.

Appendix B : Translation of Captured Document

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement


Bethlehem District Branch


The Honorable Brother President Commander Arafat, May God protect you
With the blessings of Al Aqsa

We request the decision of your honor regarding the urgent allocation of aid
of a sum of 3,000 ($3,000) (to each) of the families of the brothers, the
commanders, the martyrs, members of the movement who fell in the battle for
the defense of Bet Jala, Bethlehem, Al Gaza and Ayida, and in order to pay
some of their debts.

1. The brother the martyr Atef Ahmad Salam Abiat

2. The brother the martyr Isa Hassan Al Khatib

3. The brother the martyr Jamal Abdallah

4. The brother the martyr Mahmud Yousef Al Maghrabi

5. The brother the martyr Muhammad Jabran Abiat

6. The brother the martyr Isa Fuzi Abu Khalil

7. The brother the martyr Wa’al Dif’allah Ismail

8. The brother the martyr Yousef Abu Suwi

9. The brother the martyr Hassan Abu Shaya

The matter is (for the treatment) of your honor

Together all of us until Jerusalem

Your son,

Kamal Hamid

Branch General Secretary

Comment in Yasser Arafat’s handwriting and signature:

Finance Ministry/Ramallah

$800 should be allocated to each one of them

(Arafat’s signature)


Amongst the name of the martyrs stand out:

1. Atef Abiat – head of the main Fatah terror network in Tulkarm (see
Appendix C for his terrorist background).

2. Hassan Abu Sha’irah, carried out shooting attacks. He was involved in the
murder of Lt. Colonel Yehuda Edri on 14 June 2001, and was killed during the event.

Appendix C : Atef Abiat (Abu Jal’if)

The man who was the prime mover behind the terrorist activities in the
Bethlehem District

1. Atef Abiat was a senior Fatah operational activist in Bethlehem, and
until his death (on 18 October 2001), headed the main terror cell in the district.

2. In he captured documents, his name is mentioned in the list of 24 Fatah
activists to whom Arafat distributed (through the Fatah branch secretary in
Bethlehem) $300 to each activist. His name is also included in the list of 9
families of Fatah martyr commanders to whom Arafat allocated financial aid
of $800 per family.

3. The cell headed by Atef Abiat carried out under his leadership shooting
attacks, explosive charge attacks and mortar bomb firing towards the Gilo
suburb of Jerusalem and towards IDF troops. 2 IDF soldiers were killed and
over 10 Israeli civilians were wounded in these attacks. Abiat was also
personally involved in the murder of Palestinian collaborators in the
Bethlehem district.

4. Atef Abiat was involved in the following major terrorist attacks:

A. 2 April 2001 – Shooting attack in which one IDF soldier was killed.

B. 21 May 2001 – Gilo Neighborhood – Shooting – 6 Israeli civilians wounded.

C. 14 June 2001 – Murder of Lt. Colonel Yehuda Edri in the Jerusalem –
Etzion area Tunnel Road.

D. 18 July 2001 – 2 mortar bombs fired at Gilo.

E. 28-29 August 2001 – 7 mortar bombs fired at Gilo

5. As a result of Atef’s large scale terrorist activity, Israel requested
that the PA arrest him (on 12 November 2000 and again on 30 September

Not only did the PA not arrest him, but it transpires from the captured
documents, that Arafat authorized by his signature the allocation of money
to him, together with additional Fatah activists.

Appendix D Financing of Fatah/Tanzim and Al Aqsa Brigades
Infrastructures and Activities by Arafat and his Aides (Summary of Captured

No. Date The Requester/ Nature of the Request/ The Approving Element/ The
Sum Approved

1 9.7.2001 Kamal Hamid, Fatah Bethlehem branch secretary Allocation of
$2000 to each person on the list of 24 Fatah members in the Bethlehem district.
The name of Atef Abiat is prominent in this list – until his death he headed
the main terror cell in the sector which perpetrated terrorist attacks in
which Israelis were killed and wounded. Yasser Arafat with his personal
signature. $350 for each of the 24 members.

2 16.9.2001 An element in the “Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades” (his name does not
appear in the document). Allocation of 38,000 shekels for current expenses
for tending to families of martyrs, acquisition of electrical components and
chemical materials for production of explosive charges and bombs (5-9
charges per week); procurement of Kalashnikov and M-16 bullets. The request
is being handled by Fuad Shubaki, head of financial directorate of the
“General Security Apparatus” and Arafat’s confidante. It can be assumed that
Arafat personally approved the allocation of the sum. According to Shubaki’s
calculations, the real cost of these requests varies between 110,
000-150,000 shehels. It can be assumed that a sum of such scope was
approved by Arafat.

3 19.9.2001 Hussein Al-Sheikh, a senior Fatah official in the West Bank.
Allocation of $2,500 to 3 Fatah/Tanzim senior commanders involved in many
lethal attacks, including the killing attack in the Bat-Mitzvah party in
Hadera. Yasser Arafat (in his personal signature). $600 for each commander.

4 7.11.2001 Kamal Hamid, Fatah Bethlehem branch secretary Allocation of
urgent aid of $3,000 for each of the 9 families of martyr commanders killed
in the battle in Bet Jala. The name of Atef Abiat stands out in the list.
Yasser Arafat (in his personal signature). $800 for each family

5 20.1.2001 Marwan Barghouti, head of the Fatah/Tanzim in the West Bank.
Allocation of urgent financial aid for 12 Fatah/Tanzim terror infrastructure
activists in Tulkarm who were involved in lethal attacks. The request was in
continuation to an inquiry by Ra’ed Karmi, head of the Fatah/Tanzim terror
infrastructure in Tulkarm. Yasser Arafat (in his personal signature). $350
to each of the terror infrastructure activists.

6 (?) An element in the “Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades” (his name does not appear
in the document). Allocation of $80,000 for construction of a heavy arms
production workshop (including a lathe, a milling machine and equipment
required for metal processing in the production process of weapons such as
rockets and mortars). In addition, allocation of $16,600 for the regular
operation of the workshop (salaries, rent, electricity and raw materials)
Fuad Shubaki is dealing with the request. It can be assumed that Arafat
personally approved allocation of the sum. It can be assumed that the
request was approved by Arafat.

7 (?) (?) Assistance in the acquisition of M-16 rifles for the Fatah/Tanzim
terror infrastructure in Tulkarm. Yasser Arafat approved financial
aid (to cover the costs of buying the rifles)


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