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Hamas hate-comics for kids

Donderdag, Mei 11, 2006 / Last Modified: Zaterdag, Januari 13, 2018

Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin, May 11, 2006.

The current edition of the Hamas website for children (www.al-fateh.net ) includes short comic strips teaching children to hate Israelis who are defined as the “evil Zionists”.

In a story called “dangerous games” two children find toys in the street, however “… these are not toys but bombs that explode in the hands of those who touch them. The evil Zionists place them here to kill the innocent children of Palestine”. The following is the complete text of the comic strip:

– “Come I’ll show you the pretty toys”

– “What pretty toys! They look brand new!”

– “Don’t take any of them”

– “Why, my brother?”

– “These are not toys, but booby-trapped bombs that will explode in the hands of those who touch them. They are placed here by the evil Zionists to kill innocent Palestinian children.”

– “Go now and inform the police so that they can be dismantled, and I will stay here and not let anyone touch them.”

– “Yes! These are dangerous toys that are called booby-traps, placed by the evil ones to kill the people of our nation, who suffered from them and fight a Jihad to drive them out of our beloved country.”

Another short hate story currently on the web site is called: “The sky rains rocks on the Zionists”.

This story describes an art class, in which the teacher asks the children to draw a picture entitled: “When the sky is angry”. One boy drew a rain storm and another lightning. But the teacher has special praise for the drawing of only one boy:

“Look what your friend Az-Adin drew. He drew the sky raining stones on the Zionists. Everyone clap hands for your friend Az-Adin. We all clapped hands warmly for Az-Adin for his drawing that was inspired by the Palestinian stone revolution”.

In the previous edition of the Hamas children’s site, comics were used to teach praise of terror: The following is the complete text of the comic strip:

 – “In the class room the students sat quietly, for he who is calm always acts quietly, isn’t it true?”

– “We and the Fedayoun (self sacrifice fighters). The teacher wrote the subject on the blackboard and said:”

– “We know what actions the heroic Fedayoun do to liberate our precious Palestine from its Zionist thieves.”

– “What must we do for the heroic Fedayoun?”

– “I will donate all the money I get to the Fedayoun.”

– “I will be one of them.”

– “I will be a doctor and will heal them and treat them for free.”

– “Please Yassin, what do you want to be?”

– “I will be a doctor who treats the injured Fedayoun in the battle field.”

– “The teacher clapped hands in excitement.”

– “I think we know what he wants to be a Fedayoun-doctor who participates with the Fedayoun in their heroic acts, and if one of them is injured in battle, he will treat him.”

On the same website for children there is also a review of news headlines. The wounded Israelis in the terror attacks in Sinai and Tel Aviv are called ‘settlers’:

“April 17 – At least six Jewish settlers and sixty others were injured in a Shahada [Martyrdom-seeking] act that took place in Tel Aviv.”

“April 25 – four Jewish settlers were seriously wounded in the vacation city of Dahab in Sinai.”


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