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Syrian Government Dailies: Jews are bloodsuckers

Maandag, Mei 11, 2009 / Last Modified: Zaterdag, December 31, 2011

MEMRI, May 11, 2009.

Recently, Syria’s government dailies have published antisemitic articles.
In one, columnist Jallal Kheir Bek claimed that the Jews sucked the blood from
Jesus’ wounds during His crucifixion, and called for the Arabs, Muslims, and
Christians to unite to defeat them. Al-Thawra (Syria), April 20, 2009.

In the second article, researcher Mustafa Antaki called the Jews
“blood-letters,” and accused them of sucking the blood and consuming the
resources of “the peoples.” Teshreen (Syria), April 21, 2009.

The following are excerpts from the articles:

“The Sound of the Church [Bells] in Our Arab Homeland Announces that Jesus –
Whom They Wounded and Whose Noble, Bleeding Wounds They Sucked –
Found in Them Yet More Yearning for Blood”

In his column in the Syrian government daily Al-Thawra, Jallal Kheir Bek
wrote:(1) “Jerusalem, the Arab cultural capital, is wounded and tormented. The
sound of the bells and of the churches are heard everywhere. Under black
clouds scattered by the Zionist entity, the torments [that began] on Good Friday
[continue] until Judgment Day, [both] in Jerusalem and in the other wounded
Arab countries. The state of the Zionist entity pours fire and brimstone on the
churches and on the mosques in Arab Jerusalem – from Al-Aqsa mosque to the
Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem – and on the minarets of the mosques and
the [church] bells in unhappy Iraq.

“Jerusalem, the ‘Capital of Arab Culture,’ awakens the slumbering Arab
memory, and constitutes a new resurrection – the same great resurrection that
emanates from the depths of the wounds and spreads anew an abundance of
light in the universe, that does not die, but radiates and shines more and more
as the pain of the wounds increases. From every wound emerges a red flower,
that reminds the universe of the red that spilled on the day Jesus walked the
path to Golgotha, when the Zionists rejoiced and their enjoyment grew because
of His bleeding wounds. He [Jesus] left in every man a wound that cannot heal,
and a storm [of emotion] that only increases with time…

“The agony of that sad [Good] Friday arises again every year, and with it comes
the resurrection of the sacred wounds, and their forgiveness. At the same time,
the fangs of those who sowed destruction and caused great torment also
awaken to life, to convey the message to the world that those who wear the
garb of man [i.e. the Jews] are naught but sharp-toothed wolves, with gaping
jaws, who heed neither the wounds nor the forgiveness, but bear a secret
grudge against Jesus [even though] He forgave them and asked that they be

“[The declaration of 2009 as] the year of Jerusalem as the capital of Arab
culture is a declaration that the wounds of Jerusalem and Palestine do not
slumber, but remain in the Arab conscience, bleeding still, so as to free [the
force of] the Arab will from its sleep and to remind the mosques and churches
in the Arab homeland of the teeth of the wolves – [the wolves] who are not yet
satiated with lapping blood and living on the traces of forgiveness.

The Church of the Nativity [in Bethlehem] and Al-Aqsa mosque in holy
Jerusalem were not spared [the Jews’] primeval grudge; in their blows, [the
wolves] do not discriminate between human beings, vegetation, or inanimate
objects. They kill, uproot, and eradicate, because deep within them, Judas does
not slumber, and he instructs them to live off the blood of innocents. Further,
they live off the blood that they suck, and make a living off the Christians in the
U.S. and in other Western countries who have become Zionists. These
[American-Zionist] ‘masters’ [have adopted Zionism] as though they do not
belong [to the religion of] Jesus, and even renounce it.

“The sound of the church [bells] in our Arab homeland announces that Jesus –
whom they wounded and whose noble, bleeding wounds they sucked – found in
them yet more yearning for blood… and for the death and destruction that they
sow throughout the Muslim and the Christian world, because a state of blood
vengeance prevails between them and all humanity. And no wonder – since
they are the Chosen People, and they have the right to do whatever they please
in the universe…

“Every day, the minarets of the mosques and the bells of the churches, in
Palestine and throughout every Arab land, conduct a memorial service, so that
it will never be forgotten that Arab, Muslim, or Christian blood has not
quenched the wolf’s thirst, from the time when [Jesus] walked to Golgotha
until today. This wolf will see only a brotherhood of mosques and churches,
which expresses the oneness of their destiny and the demarcation [and
defense] of this holy region by the veins, and the hands, of the Arabs – making
it a thorn in the throat of the fanged ones who know no satiety.

“Good Friday and Easter fall during the Al-Jalaa holiday in Syria – and this is of
lofty significance, providing roots for the national and pan-Arab unity and
reiterating that the dawn of independence, which the sons of this nation
created with their own hands, veins, and arteries, will bring in its wake the
return of Palestine, Al-Aqsa, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to the Arab
garden, replete with red flowers…

“In Palestine, they will play the anthems of liberty. The wounds of [the
Palestinians’] return will triumph, and the blood will subdue the teeth of the
wolves, who will pass from the world.

“Just as Syria expelled the invading armies, so will the ummah expel the armies
from its holy land, and reclaim the freedom and purity of the mosques and the
churches and eradicate their savage footprints from the pure earth – [the earth
that] produced the legends about Palestine being the [Jews’] Promised Land.”

“Perhaps One Day the World Will Awake and Realize that These Zionist
Elements Are the Blood-letters Who Hang on the Peoples, Sucking Their Blood
and Consuming Their Resources”

In his article, researcher Mustafa Antaki refers to and quotes from a book titled
The Freemasons and the Zionists and Their Role in the Collapse of the Soviet
Union, by Nijm Salman Al-Hajjar.

“[Al-Hajjar wrote in his book:] ‘The content of this research is an attempt to
reveal several deeds by people who think that Allah is theirs alone, that Allah is
private and has no connection to others, and that they were born to act in the
play of religious belief… Their efforts caused a tragedy of blood that harmed all
of humanity. They create crises and unite the world by force, spreading these
crises in order to impose control and to empty the other religious beliefs of

“One can only marvel when one leafs through the Torah and finds expressions
of cruelty and evil based on killing and destroying the human race and causing
resentment and hatred… There is no doubt that the deeds of the Freemasons
and the Zionists in the Soviet Union were carried out in this framework.

“The corruption spread by the Zionists throughout the ages led to negative
ramifications in the process of the building of socialism… [According to
Al-Hajjar, their corrupt deeds include] ‘the assassination attempt against Lenin;
the attaining of central, unique posts by a few [Zionists]; the war against the
Leninists within the regime; the involvement in the 1929 economic crisis and in
the exploitation of the results of [World War I]; the secret meetings with the
Nazis; the support and reinforcement for Germany’s war machine; the active
contribution to deepening the social gaps in Soviet society; the involvement of
Zionist-American-British intelligence in bringing Soviet Jews to occupied
Palestine; and the pressure exerted on the Soviet authors who participated in
denouncing the roles of the Zionists’…

“The evil of the Zionists in Russia was revealed following the October
Revolution and the fall of the interim government. They organized a series of
operations against halting the war with Germany, following the [1918] peace
treaty of Brest-Litovsk [between Russia and the Central Powers].

[The Zionists] demanded to continue the war, according to British
interests, and launched propaganda operations among the Russian people,
attacked food convoys, blew up railroad tracks, and called on the West’s
intervention powers to attack the new Soviet state. They were active partners
with all forces across the U.S.S.R. [working] to topple the Soviet regime and to
restore the monopolistic feudal regime.

“[However,] the Zionists were unsuccessful in stopping the spreading
revolutionary movement, and failed in all their attempts to topple the Soviet
regime – which led them to change the nature of their relations with the socialist
regime. The Zionists showed solidarity with those responsible for the Cold War,
and perpetuated hostile activities within the U.S.S.R. and outside it. The
loathsome role played by the Zionists in the Ukraine and in Bolivia cannot be
ignored – they flagrantly embezzled the economic and political resources of both

“Perhaps one day the world will awake and realize that these Zionist elements
are the blood-letters who hang on the peoples, sucking their blood and
consuming their resources…”

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