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Egyptian TV: Offspring of apes & pigs, day of vengeance is nearing

Zaterdag, Oktober 31, 2009

Following are excerpts from an address by Egyptian cleric Hazem Shuman,
which aired on Egyptian Al-Rahma TV on October 31, 2009.

“Your Turn Has Come At Last, You Offspring of Apes and Pigs, You Most
Accursed Creatures Created by Allah”

Hazem Shuman: “Tonight’s lecture is one of the most important lectures
of this series. Tonight, we will talk about the Battle of Khaybar, about the
Prophet Muhammad’s greatest battle [with the Jews], in which the
Prophet eradicated the Jewish presence in Al-Madina.

On June 5, 1967, when the Jews occupied Palestine and Jerusalem and were
celebrating their victory, Moshe Dayan cried: ‘This is our revenge for Khaybar.’
How come Khaybar remained seared in their hearts for 1,400 years? After
1,400 years, their hearts are still burning because of Khaybar. The first thing
that the Prophet Muhammad did after his victory in the Hudaybiyya Treaty,
after he stabilized the Muslim state, and neutralized the Quraysh front, the first
mission of the Prophet Muhammad, his first campaign, was against the Jews of

Your turn has come at last, you offspring of apes and pigs, you most accursed
creatures created by Allah, you people who have harmed the Prophet again and

Only 20 days after the Hudaybiyya Treaty, the Prophet Muhammad decided to
take the army of Islam to Khaybar. Why the Jews of all people? It has been
proven that the Jews are like a cancer – if they are not removed from
the body of the nation, they will kill the entire nation. Unless the Jews were
dealt with, they would have brought the Persians and the Byzantines to the
Arabian Peninsula. the Jews are dangerous to the whole world. They
threatened the stability of the Arabian Peninsula.” […]

Jews Are Always the Same… [In] Sabra and Shatila… Sharon Chopped Off the
Limbs of Children and Used Them to Make a Necklace”

Jews are always the same. We are still tormented by the sights of their
massacres of the Muslims, when they went into Sabra and Shatila. Sharon
chopped off the limbs of children, and used them to make a necklace, so that
he could boast that he dismembered the bodies of Muslim children. When the
Jews entered Sabra and Shatila, a Jewish soldier took a pregnant woman and
emptied a submachine gun into her neck. When she was dead, he cut open her
belly, took out her nine-month-old fetus, and slaughtered it in front of the

They took 30 Muslim men and women, including a newlywed couple, and shot
them all in Sabra and Shatila. They chased a six-year-old boy, whose mother
was hugging him and calling for help. They stabbed him with knives and killed
him in his mother’s lap. In the end, she went mad, because of what had
happened. They shot dead an entire family, except for a baby, who screamed at
the sight of the bloodbath. The moment they saw he was crying, they shot him
with a machine-gun as well. At Sabra and Shatila, they raped a Muslim woman,
and then killed her children in front of her. They tore off women’s ears,
by pulling their earrings.” […]

The Jews of Khaybar in the 7th Year of the Hijra Are a Replica of the State of
Israel in 2009

The Jews of Khaybar in the 7th year of the hijra are a replica of the state of
Israel in 2009, in terms of the terrifying economy that sucked the blood of the
Arabs, the military armaments and superiority over the entire region, the
settlements that form the state, the fortifications, like the separation fence that
they are building today.

When the army of the Muslims arrived, the Jews removed their women and
children from the fortifications at the front, and left only their fighters at the
front… The army of the Prophet Muhammad was very poor. The Muslims had
nothing to eat. The first time they ate was after the conquest of Khaybar.

One of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions had a debt to a Jew. The
Jew told him he had to pay his debt before he left, but the Muslim did not have
even five dirham, so he sold his clothes so he could pay his debt and leave. The
Prophet’s companions sold their clothes in order to fight the Jews, and
take revenge upon them.” […]

In the Battle of Khaybar, “Allah Gave the Muslims Strength”

Finally, [in the battle of Khaybar], Allah gave the Muslims strength, and they
launched a martyrdom-seeking attack on the fortifications. All their lives long,
they were martyrdom-seekers and heroes, who sacrificed their blood for Islam.
They stormed the fortress and took the Jews captive, for the first time. All the
other Jews fled.

When the Muslims entered the fortress, they were astounded. What is this?
Never in their lives had they seen so much food – enough to last years.
They were astounded by the weapons too. There was a weapon called a tank.
It was a house made of tin, like today’s tanks. Soldiers sat in it and
drove it towards the fortifications. When arrows were shot at them, they had
no effect. There were catapults, which shot bombs of fire, which penetrated
the walls and smashed the fortifications. Why did the Jews amass all these
weapons? They were planning to use them against the Muslims. They were
preparing for the day when they would fight the Muslims – otherwise,
why would they have amassed all those weapons? The [Muslims] also found
large quantities of wine, which they poured out on the floor.


The [Muslim fighters] reached the final fortification, the final battle. All the
Jews, including women and children, were here. The walls were enormous. The
number of arrows fired from its towers was indescribable. Its gates were well
fortified, and no one could escape from there. This was the first time that the
Prophet Muhammad used catapults. The [Muslims] shot catapults at the walls
until there were gaping holes in them. All the Muslim army charged into the
final fortress, with hatred burning in their hearts for the Jews, with a strong
desire to take revenge upon the offspring of apes and pigs.

All the Muslims – men and women – charged with a strong desire
to annihilate the Jews. They entered the fortress, and a terrible battle took
place, a violent battle in the last fortress, until all the Jewish soldiers were
arrested and all the Jewish women captured. Khaybar trembled with the sound
of the cries of ‘Allah Akbar,’ and the entire Arabian Peninsula shook with the
victorious cries of ‘Allah Akbar.’

1,400 soldiers defeated 10,000 Jews. The Jews were defeated, and the
reputation of the invincible army was shattered. After a month-long siege and
terrible fighting, the Jews were defeated. The Arabian Peninsula shook with the
cries of ‘Allah Akbar,’ and the Jews collapsed.

Soon the cries of ‘Allah Akbar’ will be sounded at the gates of Jerusalem, and
at the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Soon, cries of ‘Allah Akbar’ will be heard on
the day of vengeance against the Jews.

The Jews were defeated. The Prophet Muhammad and everybody were very
surprised that only 96 Jews were killed, along with 16 Muslims. Ninety-six
people? The Prophet could have massacred the Jews, down to the last one.
Why did the Prophet Muhammad let them be? Because the Prophet Muhammad
does not fight for the sake of war or bloodshed. He fights for the sake of
peace. this proves to what extent he is the prophet of peace.” […]

I Have a Message for Every Jew on the Face of the Earth – The Army of
Muhammad Will Return”

I have a message for every Jew on the face of the earth. The army of
Muhammad will return. Oh offspring of apes and pigs, the day of vengeance is
nearing. Oh most accursed creatures created by Allah, those who swore before
the Prophet Muhammad to die are returning. Wait for us and you will see, you
most accursed creatures. […]

Oh Nation of Muhammad, Do Not Be Afraid to Wage War Against The Jews; If
You Do Not Fight for the Sake of Palestine, Allah Will Fight You”

Oh nation of Muhammad, do not be afraid to wage war against the Jews. If you
do not fight for the sake of Palestine, Allah will fight you. Decide what you fear
more – a war with the Jews, or a war with Allah.

Can you fight God? If you abandon Palestine, you will be fighting God.”

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