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Hamas Minister: Allah will poison the air breathed by the Jews and the Americans

Zondag, Maart 28, 2010 / Last Modified: Dinsdag, Januari 2, 2018

The Middle East Media Research Institute Special Dispatch, March 28, 2010.

The following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Abdallah Jarbu’,
the Hamas deputy minister of religious endowments, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV
on March 19, 2010.
“… The Al-Aqsa Mosque is being Defiled by the Jews, the Most Despicable
People on this Earth; By Allah, They are not Human Beings

Abdallah Jarbu’: “The Jews, the brothers of apes and pigs, have gathered from
all corners of the world, in order to defile the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They have come
to rob it of its purity, and they replaced it with their impurity, their filth, and
their abomination. The Al-Aqsa Mosque… Along come the criminal Zionists, and
open the so-called Hurva (‘destruction’) synagogue. May Allah bring their
homes down on them.


“You cannot go on living, oh Arab and Islamic nation, while the Al-Aqsa
Mosque is being defiled by the Jews, the most despicable people on this Earth.
By Allah, they are not human beings. They are not men who deserve to live, as
long as we are alive.”


“What have we Become Accustomed to from America – that Criminal, Terrorist,
and Murderous U.S. …?”

“The Jews have violated all the treaties and accords. They slayed the prophets
in the past, and showed no respect for any prophet or messenger. The Koran
says: ‘They slayed the prophets unjustly.’ Only a madman, who does not
understand a thing, can possibly think that the Jews are human and should be
treated as such, while their treatment of us is characterized by death, blood,
and siege…

“What have we become accustomed to from America – that criminal, terrorist,
and murderous U.S., which besieges Al-Aqsa TV? May Allah sustain the
Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Al-Aqsa TV, the men of Al-Aqsa, the mujahideen of
Al-Aqsa, and all the Muslims of Al-Aqsa.

“We ask today: What have we become accustomed to see from America and
Europe, except for disappointment, betrayal, and support of the Jews?”


“We Say to the Ramallah Authority [i.e. the PA]: Give Free Rein to Our
Brothers, so that They Can Wage Jihad to Put an End to the Attacks of the

“Allah will send his wrath down from the skies upon the Jews and their
collaborators. Allah will make the sea rage against all the oppressors. Allah will
poison the air breathed by the Jews, the Americans, the Crusaders, and all the
Zionists. May Allah turn the food that they eat to poison in their bellies.


“We salute anyone who tried to run over Jews with his bulldozers. We salute
anyone who tried to stab a Jewish settler pig.


“There must be a third Intifada, with the blessing of Allah. We say to the
Ramallah Authority: Give free rein to our brothers, so that they can wage Jihad
to put an end to the attacks of the Jews. A martyrdom operation in the heart of
Jerusalem, to blow up the settlements of the Jews, will terrify them and put an
end to their schemes against us. A martyrdom operation in the heart of Tel Aviv
will make them lose sleep, like in the past.

“As for the so-called ‘peace’ or ‘peace process’ – these are empty words, which
constitute betrayal of the people and Allah’s religion.


“The Jews, just like a cancer, operate via dormant cells, until the body
collapses. We must stop this swelling, criminal, Zionist cancer.”

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